Yvonne C. Lodico


Yvonne Lodico, served 15 years with the United Nations, including with the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, on UN peacekeeping missions and in the UN Secretariat.  As head of an office at the UN Headquarters, she conceptualized and managed 120 workshops and seminars, developed several new learning tools including e-learning, DVD, and research papers, and created new partnerships with private sector and academic institutions.  Ms. Lodico served as a special advisor for the Secretary-General on the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT).  One of her achievements on the mission was the conceptualization and development of the Democratic Governance Forum. In addition to UNMIT, Ms. Lodico served on three UN missions in sub-Sahara Africa.  Ms. Lodico has published and given presentations on democratic governance, peacekeeping, humanitarian intervention, stem cell research and faith, faith and pluralistic societies. Ms. Lodico has received awards and scholarships from Yale University Divinity School, European Academy of Economic and Cultural Relations, and New York State Bar Association.  Ms. Lodico holds advanced degrees in law, international affairs, and religion from New York University, Columbia University and Yale University.