The Initiative for Governance, Reconciliation, Agriculture and Coexistence – Grace Initiative Global- seeks to promote and to implement transformative processes that bring about inclusive and peaceful societies. The Initiative’s distinctive focus embraces a holistic and multifaceted approach, through targeted engagement, specific research and evidence-based training. In carrying out its programs, Grace Initiative Global collaborates with academic institutions, think tanks and non-profit organizations, humanitarian organizations, legal institutions and United Nations entities to enhance mutual purposes and to further inclusive goals for governance, reconciliation, agriculture and coexistence.

Through its work, Grace Initiative Global adheres to the principle of respect for fundamental freedoms and cultural diversity. The Initiative serves an educational purpose, bringing about transformative processes by promoting the understanding of and applications of governance, reconciliation, agriculture and coexistence for inclusive and sustainable peace.

Some of its flagship programs involve convening policy experts, government representatives, practitioners, academics, farmers, business owners and entrepreneurs to engage and to discern new visions for sustainable peace and resilient communities.