Zubaida Rasul-Ronning

Zubaida Rasul-Ronning is the President of GreenGrow Ventures LLC, an organic technology company that works primarily in Africa, Asia and Middle East. GreenGrow has projects in Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Lebanon. The company’s primary objective is promoting the adoption of organic fertilizer and cutting edge agricultural development technology in traditional markets. We are pushing Agriculturalists as business units and private sector contributors. 

Zubaida is an expert in international peacemaking, mediation and development, governance, political and security analysis, she has been at the forefront of politico-economic risk and environmental analysis in Angola, Bosnia Herzegovina, Guinea-Bissau and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and in North Africa. She has extensive government, business and private sector contacts globally also having worked with Deutsche Bank.

Ms. Rasul-Ronning has a degree in International Business (Thunderbird School of Global Management Arizona, USA), and a Masters of Arts in Human Rights (Columbia University New York). She speaks French, Portuguese, German and Hindi fluently and has working capacity in Arabic and Swahili.