Lorena Rodríguez 

Lorena works passionately to support social justice processes in rural and peasant communities in Colombia. She has conducted research on the importance of including culture and identity in understandings of security in domestic and international politics and how we can to re-think the meaning of security in a way that embraces worldviews and belief systems alternative to the mainstream in order to create sustainable peace. In 2012, Lorena co-founded Colectivo Talanquera, which functioned as an intercultural link between indigenous communities and contemporary society in her home country of Colombia. The organization fostered abilities and skills for social development based on ancestral wisdom. She worked for two years for the Colombian High Commissioner for Peace as a researcher on the Colombian peace dialogues in 2016. Since then she has been supporting creative, local projects for peace in post-conflict scenarios in Colombia, focused on the protection of territory rights, and reconciliation. In 2017, she worked for the Institute for Economics and Peace in support of the Global Peace Ambassador Program and their data analysis for the Mexico Peace Index. Lorena holds an M.A. in Politics and International Studies from International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan where she received a prestigious Rotary Peace Fellowship.