Project Areas



  • Develop and deliver dialogue training and civic engagement for promoting trust and inclusive governance;
  • Analyze government institutions and recommend mechanisms for enhancing a culture and practice of accountable and inclusive governance; and,
  • Employ and develop strategic recommendations of situations dealing with potential religious and communal tensions.


  • Monitor religious and communal tension, develop scenario and analysis for entry points for reconciliation and conflict prevention and mitigation;
  • Promote engagement, discourse and healing for inclusive societies; especially for those victimized during conflict or from extreme violence acts; and,
  • Mentor on forms of justice, including transitional, restorative justice which promote individual and community reconciliation.


  • Advise on transformation and empowerment of rural communities, with a focus on rural women;
  • Mentor on creating community supported agriculture, and usage of organic farming methods;
  • Advise on crop production and supply chain to strengthen sustainability. 


  • Support training for governance on principles of rule of law, trust, and community;
  • Train on select issues in domestic law, international law and UN Charter; and,
  • Create and support community healing, addressing vulnerabilities and trauma.