Oliver Kaplan

Oliver Kaplan, is “conflict scholar” at the University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies. He specializes in examining peace processes, focusing on issues related to integration of the society, dealing with ex-combatants and DDR, counter insurgency, land reform, indigenous populations. Dr. Kaplan looks at indigenous group authorities and sees how some of these groups have been able to overcome violence more than others. His area of expertise is especially focused on Colombia, but also has projects on Syria and Philippines.

Dr. Kaplan examines and compares global norms and local dynamics, nonviolent actions in violent settings, and he is currently carrying out a book project on Cooperation and Resistance: How War-Torn Communities can Protect Themselves. His research interests include empirical studies of civil wars and human rights, with a special interest in civil society initiatives, the impacts of non-state actors and policy relevant solutions. Oliver Kaplan is the Assistant Director of the Human Trafficking Center at the Josef Korbel School. Oliver received his Ph.D. from Standford University, and is fluent in Spanish.