Nicholas Coburn

Expertise in professional development in leadership and public speaking skills. Guest lecturer for numerous political science courses at Brown, including Global Security after the Cold War, Intelligence and Economic Espionage, Crisis Management, and Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration.  Dissertation project was highlighted by the university as one of four projects of especially strong interest across the entire Graduate Faculty. From 2010-2014, trained hundreds of UN diplomats and foreign ministry officials on behalf of UNITAR, teaching approximately a dozen workshops during the past five years. Courses taught included the following: Multilateral Negotiations Strategies, Public Speaking, and the only UN course on Statement Writing and Presentation in the Security Council (taught for the RSA delegation). In 2012, presented on adapting to Western Negotiating Strategies at the Ambassador level African Union preparatory summit for the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference. He holds a Ph.D, in Political Science, Brown University. Languages: English, Chinese.