Elizabeth Duque Echeverry

Elizabeth Duque Echeverry is a human rights lawyer, focusing on rights of women and children as well as reconciliation and transitional justice. Her professional experience includes consulting for the Organization of American States (OAS) on issues of reintegration and reconciliation in Colombia, training young leaders for CREAS and Christian Aid in Buenos Aires, and serving as a legal volunteer for Agape Counseling and Training Service Kisumu, Kenya. In Kenya, she addressed issues related to HIV & AIDs, Puberty, Sexuality and Domestic Violence, as well as providing consulting services for youth and orphanages. While in law school, she volunteered with “La Casa de Evita”, a shelter for displaced minors (women only) who have been convicted of misdemeanors or other types of law violations. 

Her academic background includes Bachelor of Law from University of Palermo, Buenos Aires, and training at Harvard Law School on rights of women, with the course titled “Women Transforming Our Community and World.” Her awards include an award from the United Thank Offering Young Adult Competition on Breaking the Silence. She won this award due to her work on addressing Sexual Violence Against Children and Decreasing Teenage Pregnancy in Colombia. Ms. Echeverry speaks Spanish and English, and is a national of Colombia.