Dax W. Crocker

Dax W. Crocker is a Guatemalan-born American citizen. His ministry interest and expertise revolve around matters of racial and national reconciliation, specifically between groups native to the country and people who were forced to migrate due to conflicts of war or economic upheavals. Dax has spent his life working with migrants living in host countries that experience social conflicts due to the fact that they never expected to receive large numbers of migrants. His experience is both academic and personal: he is a U.S. Latino who was forced to migrate undocumented in the 1980s from Guatemala to the U.S., due to the Central American civil war. Once in the U.S. he became a missionary and moved to Europe. Based in Sweden he worked there, in Italy, and in Spain serving political asylees and war refugees of Latin America. As part of his Master of Divinity degree at Yale University he is researching how forced migration shapes the faith and life of migrants. He also studies how to build a bridge between Pentecostalism, Liberation Theology, and Pacifism. He speaks both fluent English and Spanish.