Blanca Lucia Echeverry Bedoya

Blanca is a human rights lawyer and public policy specialist. In Colombia, she is a Member of the national team responsible of the Technical Secretariat of the National Committee of Victims and Effective Participation of Victims for the Support of the Departmental Round Tables of Victims of the Ombudsman in Hulia, Tolima, Caqueta, Valle del Cauca, Sucre and Guainia. She is a lecturer at the Institute for the Study of the Public Prosecutor: “The Right to Participation and Influence Public Policies”. She is an Expert on Land-Use Plans, Development Plans, Territorial Action Plan and Fiscal 1448 Framework Act of 2011. She conducted seminars and workshops with the Round Tables of Departmental Effectiveness Participation of Victims, with social leaders and organizations for vulnerable populations (indigenous, Afro-Colombian communities,) on the right to participation, Victims Law, Human Rights and Special Rights of Ethnic Minorities. Ms. Echeverry Bedoya has published articles: “Perceptions of the Peace Process from Civil Society”; “Peace as the Fruit of Justice”, “From the National to the Local Post-Conflict” and more. She has held courses and seminars on Human Rights of indigenous peoples in Colombia and Latin America, on Dispute Resolution, and more. She holds a Law Degree from the Catholic University of Colombia (1983); a Law Specialist in Penal Rights and Criminal Science, National University of Colombia (1987-88); Legal Evidence, Bi-National Program for the Promotion of Anthropological Expertise, National University of Colombia (1994-95); she holds a M.A. in Political Science, Universidad de los Andes (1994-96); and a Diploma in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Rights, Javeriana University (1997). Languages Spanish, working knowledge English.